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The Irish Innocence Project aims to assist persons who believe they have been the victim of a miscarriage of justice and who have exhausted all other legal remedies. We provide an investigative service to assist in uncovering new or newly discovered evidence, within the meaning of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1993, to aid persons and their legal teams in advancing a miscarriage of justice case.

In order for an individual’s case to be considered by the Irish Innocence Project, it must meet the following criteria:

They must…
1. Be convicted on indictment (not in the District Court)
2. Have exhausted all appeal options
3. No longer be legally represented by their solicitor
4. Claim factual innocence
5. Have, or be able to obtain with assistance, new or newly discovered evidence

Additionally, you must be convicted of a crime within the Republic of Ireland.
If you believe your case meets these criteria, please inquire with the Irish Innocence Project via phone or email to proceed with the next steps. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee that the Irish Innocence Project will take on your case.

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